"Leelavadee" Thai Restaurant


Dine-In Menu

Eased COVID arrangements From 11:59pm Friday 26 February 2021

• 1 person per 2sqm for indoor and outdoor venues
• Up to 25 patrons permitted in venues before density quotient applies
• Standing service permitted

(electronic records are still required)

• Mandatory for aged-care homes, some retail, public transport and commercial passenger vehicles
• Must be carried at all times

Source: Vic. Gov.

(take-away and delivery services remain as normal)


Dine-in Menu may be viewed/downloaded  HERE

This new Dine-in menu was introduced on 2 November 2020
then marginally edited 21 December with no further price changes.
The previous menu was introduced in January 2018.
Note: The following very small sample of dishes is illustrative of meals from our full printed menu. (updated 27 November 2015 - previous update December 2013)

Chicken Satay (4 pieces)

Popular Thai dish of marinated chicken breast pieces grilled on a skewer with coconut milk and spices, served with home made peanut sauce

Tod Mun Pla (Thai fish cake - 4 pieces)

Thai style home made fish cake served with sweet chilli sauce

Gai Nampang Manow

Fried chicken in batter served with lemon-honey sauce

Tom Yum Soup

The most famous of spicy hot & sour soup with lemongrass, fresh tomato & Mushroom. Chicken, beef or prawns

Tom Kha Soup

Another famous spicy sour soup with coconut milk, baby corn, mushroom and galangai sliced

Gaeng Dang (Red Curry)

Traditional red curry in coconut milk with vegetables

Chicken, beef or prawns

Pad Gratium Prig Thai

 Stir fried with fresh garlic & white pepper on a bed of lettuce

Chicken, beef or prawns

Gaeng Keow Waan (Green Curry)

Traditional green curry in coconut milk with vegetables,Chicken,


or prawns

Pad Bai Graprow

Stir fried with garlic, fresh chilli, sweet basil, green bean, carrot onion & capsicum

Chicken, beef or prawns