"Leelavadee" Thai Restaurant


Chef / Owners

Vatinee Schumann is an experienced Chef. She was born in Koh Samui*, Thailand, and in addition to a range of well known Thai dishes has brought with her some special regional dishes from this area. She has lived in Australia for many years and worked in well known Melbourne Thai restaurants.

Gerd Schumann
is no Chef but as husband and co-owner has physically built the Leelavadee  restaurant and manages its business. He and Vatinee travel frequently to Thailand (and Germany) with their daughter Angela (not shown in this photo!) and keep up to date with Thai cuisine.

* Koh Samui is Thailand's third largest island in the South of Thailand  off the East Coast of the Kra Isthmus in the gulf of Siam. It has an area of 247 square kms and a population of around 48,000. It is rich with natural resources, white sandy beaches, coral reefs, coconut trees and sunsets. Fresh coconut is an ingredient of many local dishes.

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Here is a link to a detailed map of Vatinee's birth place  Koh Samui